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FFW Tips

How to Use Video to Stand Out as an Author

By C. Hope Clark (editor of FundsforWriters) – I adore trailers, and I was thrilled to have the chance to interview Jerome McLain from BookFrenzyStudios.com about the relevance of book trailers for authors as well as the importance of having a professional one done. My eyes were opened! Hopefully my questions drew out information you, …read more

The Careful Writer – Debora’s Pen (Cartoon)

Devyani Borade is the creator, and real-life version, of Debora. Her fiction, nonfiction and art have been accepted/published by over 170 magazines across the world. Visit her website Verbolatry at http://devyaniborade.blogspot.com to contact her, and enjoy more of Debora’s adventures.          

Four Ways to Find New Markets

By Devyani Borade – You’ve signed up for all possible newsletters that promise to introduce you to the magazine of your dreams – one that pays well, publishes fast and edits nary a word. What’s more, you’ve actually tried all the magazines touted by these newsletters, by submitting your best stories. Yet, there’s a bunch of manuscripts still gathering dust …read more

Book Awards Open to Self-Published Books

By Bernadette Geyer- Book awards have made great strides in broadening eligibility rules to allow authors to submit self-published books. When I first began collecting information about awards for published books, many of them only accepted submissions and nominations from publishers themselves. This has changed. The following is a list of some of the many …read more

Remember the Simple Days of Reading?

By C. Hope Clark – Reach back in your memories, and remember how you read books. As a chid, as a teen, as a young adult, then now. Which book, when you see the title again, springs a memory back to life, reminding you how intensely you fell into that story and didn’t want to …read more

The Second Book Syndrome

By C. Hope Clark – The second book is a nail-biting endeavor. One would think that the first one would be the one to make you break out in hives, but trust me, that follow-up is an experience all its own. Most readers wait to read an author until the author has multiple books out. …read more

From First Draft to Book Launch: How to Publish a Novel

By Chris Robley of BookBaby – You’ve finished writing the first draft of your novel, but there’s still quite a distance to travel between having a finished manuscript and a published book. What you decide to do with your manuscript from here on out will have a huge impact on both the size of your …read more

Face It: Writers Make Less Now

By C. Hope Clark – If you are in this business full-time, and attempt to keep up with the pace of the current publishing paradigm, you can’t help but feel depressed. Writers make less now than a decade ago. And no, it does not appear to be a temporary slump. Writers in Canada make less …read more

To Website or Not to Website?

By C. Hope Clark – Received a very sweet email this week from an author who begged to know if an author really needed a website. Short and sweet, the answer is YES. These days, when someone hears your name, and might be interested in whatever it is you offer, they Google you. Yes, Google …read more

My Self-Publishing Suite

By Stephanie Allen Crist- Publishing my own work was a business decision, not a path chosen in a fit of pique. The success of my investment depended on two primary factors. First, every hour I spent away from my regular work cost me money, so I had to protect my time. Second, my book needed …read more

Write Daily or Not?

By C. Hope Clark – Stephen King (On Writing) and Julia Cameron (The Artist’s Way) believe strongly in writing daily. A few others, however, argue that writing daily isn’t necessary. So what’s a new or struggling writer to decide is the best for them? My take on writing daily is this: DO IT EVERY DAY. …read more

Secular Work in the Religious Market

By Behlor Santi- Do you believe that religious magazines such as Catholic Digest, Mature Years Magazine and Parenting Teens only want religious material? Think again. Believe it or not, many religious magazines downplay theology, leaving that to theologians. Many religious magazines want general-interest articles that appeal to both the churched and unchurched. For example, a …read more

Feeling Like a Fraud

By C. Hope Clark – Every time I begin a new book, I doubt my skills to make it happen. Just last week I told my husband as we cooked dinner: “I keep wondering if my first books were chance, luck, my best ideas used up.” He shook his head, marveling at my silliness, telling …read more

Sting of the Tale

By Devyani Borade – Devyani Borade is the creator, and real-life version, of Debora. Her fiction, nonfiction and art have been accepted/published by over 170 magazines across the world. NOTE FROM HOPE: I fell in love with Devora, so don’t be surprised to see her appear in her writing escapades every once in a while. Thought …read more

Mastermind Groups

By C. Hope Clark – Last week I received a wonderful outpouring of understanding from my readers after reading Master Being Yourself. Thanks so very much. I do believe my new group of writers, a small group of like minds, is better for me. This same week, I was invited to a Mastermind Group. Sort …read more

Questioning the Rejection

By C. Hope Clark – I wear three hats – FundsforWriters editor, freelance writer, and mystery author. With the first, I have the painful privilege of accepting and declining submissions. In my other two roles, I’m the recipient of the decision. As the writer/author, I’ve been politely declined, unfortunately ignored, laughed at, and derided tongue-in-cheek …read more

On the Value of Free Advice

By Randall Silvis- As a writer I get a steady stream of free advice from individuals who apparently understand my life far better than I. These individuals are mostly strangers, people who contact me by email or post their comments publicly, often under an alias. Even my plumber has an opinion about my writing, though …read more

The Only Person You Have to Please is You

By C. Hope Clark – Yeah, that’s hard for us to swallow sometimes. We write to be read. Eager to please, we’re like kids asking what are the rules so we can play the game well enough to win. We want people on the sidelines to root for us and tell us how well we …read more