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FFW Tips

Go Mobile

By Devyani Borade – According to tech monitor SmallBizTrends.com, over 60 percent of online traffic now comes from mobile devices. Unbeknownst to you, your own website may — right now! — be looking like a bad bowl of alphabet soup: text indecipherably tiny, images disproportionately huge, menus misaligned and the contact form stretched out of …read more

What I’ve Learned, and Earned, Using This Newsletter

By Yvonne Pesquera – I have been subscribing to Hope Clark’s Funds for Writers newsletter for ten years. Initially, the listings overwhelmed me, because I hadn’t yet “turned pro” and only wrote when I felt like it. But here’s how I learned to use the FundsforWriters listings to structure my writing practice and eventually earn …read more

Vanity Presses

By C. Hope Clark – The world would be glorious indeed if authors could write then hand off the manuscript to an entity that published the book, put it out there, and made it sell. We’d come up from our deep mental state of storytelling, occasionally check on statistics, cash the checks, and create to …read more

No Room for Snark

By C. Hope Clark – Unless you are JA Konrath and your brand is snark, don’t try to weave it into your writing persona. It will backfire. Someone will label you crass. Many will quit buying your work – readers as well as editors. As an editor, pitches come to me in the guise of …read more

Which Tools Improve Your Chances?

By C. Hope Clark – Whether you are freelancing or penning the next great American novel, these days the Internet slings hundreds of tools, clubs, databases and short-cuts at you, all filled with promises. They claim to make your journey easier, more profitable, give you access to people you’d never meet otherwise. What you don’t …read more

Earn More Money by Artful Negotiation

By Devyani Borade – Want more money? Don’t hesitate; negotiate! Whether you are looking for higher salary at work, greater price on a house or better paying freelance assignments, the principles of negotiation remain the same. 1. Assess yourself. How long have you been in business? You can command a higher price if you’re a …read more

Cats and Dogs – and Horses, Oh My!

By Trisha Faye – The passions and activities in our lives, including our pets, offer writing opportunities. Our friend jokes and calls us “Cat Whisperers” because of feral cats abandoning kittens on our doorstep. Through the years, we’ve learned many lessons about rescuing feral kittens, and that experience turned into articles, children’s stories and an …read more

Likable and Dependable

By C. Hope Clark – Are these two tools part of your branding? Aren’t sure? Then they’re probably not. But why are these two traits so important when you’re selling your words and not a public performance? Jane Friedman and Porter Anderson recently established a newsletter on the publishing industry titled THE HOT SHEET (http://hotsheetpub.com/). …read more

Book Trailers

By C. Hope Clark – Yes, I am Hope, and I’m a book trailer addict. If I see one in your bio, on your Facebook account, in your Twitter feed, or in your newsletter, I will click on it. After all, they’re only 30 to 90 seconds. Yes, they’ve made me buy books. Humans are …read more

How I Get the Best Out of FundsforWriters Newsletter

By Ken Powell – Hope’s FFW is a great newsletter and completely deserves its reputation as a great resource for writers. The newsletter is one of a handful. In every edition there is at least one publication I think “I like the sound of that – I’ll send them an LOI or a pitch!” But …read more

Two Things – Branding and Writer’s Block

By C. Hope Clark – Of course you’re wondering what these two have to do with each other. Actually it’s more about what they have in common. For the first time in my career, I see writing income sliding to a new level I feel it will not recover from. What I’m trying to say …read more

How to Use Video to Stand Out as an Author

By C. Hope Clark (editor of FundsforWriters) – I adore trailers, and I was thrilled to have the chance to interview Jerome McLain from BookFrenzyStudios.com about the relevance of book trailers for authors as well as the importance of having a professional one done. My eyes were opened! Hopefully my questions drew out information you, …read more

The Careful Writer – Debora’s Pen (Cartoon)

Devyani Borade is the creator, and real-life version, of Debora. Her fiction, nonfiction and art have been accepted/published by over 170 magazines across the world. Visit her website Verbolatry at http://devyaniborade.blogspot.com to contact her, and enjoy more of Debora’s adventures.          

Four Ways to Find New Markets

By Devyani Borade – You’ve signed up for all possible newsletters that promise to introduce you to the magazine of your dreams – one that pays well, publishes fast and edits nary a word. What’s more, you’ve actually tried all the magazines touted by these newsletters, by submitting your best stories. Yet, there’s a bunch of manuscripts still gathering dust …read more

Book Awards Open to Self-Published Books

By Bernadette Geyer- Book awards have made great strides in broadening eligibility rules to allow authors to submit self-published books. When I first began collecting information about awards for published books, many of them only accepted submissions and nominations from publishers themselves. This has changed. The following is a list of some of the many …read more

Remember the Simple Days of Reading?

By C. Hope Clark – Reach back in your memories, and remember how you read books. As a chid, as a teen, as a young adult, then now. Which book, when you see the title again, springs a memory back to life, reminding you how intensely you fell into that story and didn’t want to …read more

The Second Book Syndrome

By C. Hope Clark – The second book is a nail-biting endeavor. One would think that the first one would be the one to make you break out in hives, but trust me, that follow-up is an experience all its own. Most readers wait to read an author until the author has multiple books out. …read more

From First Draft to Book Launch: How to Publish a Novel

By Chris Robley of BookBaby – You’ve finished writing the first draft of your novel, but there’s still quite a distance to travel between having a finished manuscript and a published book. What you decide to do with your manuscript from here on out will have a huge impact on both the size of your …read more